The River Thames and London Bridges tour

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Tour Summary:
The importance of the river Thames, its role in over two thousand years of London history, and the modern scale of the locality for us represents a full palate of possibility for photographers.

This tour offers a wide range of opportunities with a rich tapestry of culture, vibe and energy in an ever changing environment as viewed from the iconic bridges that connect the north and south banks of the river Thames.

Encompassing a variety of river views from different locations on different bridges, you will be introduced to the fantastic photographic scope that this great location offers. Within this landscape we will encounter views both ‘up’ and ‘down’ the river capturing, exploring, and photographing modern and historic river sights and buildings.

  • We will show you what we consider to be the best views from Westminster Bridge to Tower Bridge and incorporating any of the bridges in between and depending on your photography guide’s choice for the day
  • How to create iconic memorable river views
  • How to evaluate the best composition with the light available
  • ISO settings Shutter speed and Aperture
  • Use of Black and White to create your river scene
  • The best modern and historic buildings to include in your composition
  • Advice on suitable lenses
  • A short history on the bridges that you will be shooting from
  • Help, guidance and assessment throughout your tour

Suitable for DSLR and Compact Cameras


Special Offer
Duration: 3 hours Max 8 people

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