London Night Photography tour

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Tour Summary:

There is nothing quite like capturing the vitality and mood of a large city with shots that are dramatically altered by the time of day and changing perspectives.

Our Night Photography Tour is a fun way to unlock creativity and stretch imagination in exploring the unique possibilities that London City offers from dusk onwards. We will to take you to selected locations to achieve this.

The Thames is a constant in our Night Tour reflecting colour and adding an artisitic resonance to our images – water can create amazing symmetry. We want you to take your time and let us show you how to take the sharpest and clearest images in this Low Level Light situation.

The same composition rules apply except at night we have long exposures to take advantage of. Light trails are easy to capture and add a wonderful dimension to your images. Our teachers will guide and encourage your inventiveness and perception, give you confidence to gather all the details in your proposed photographs and challenge your imagination.

On this Tour we will help you consider:

  • The best lens selection for Night Photography.
  • How to approach your composition at night – what to look for and how to achieve great photography in Low Level Light conditions
  • The importance and use of your tripod and when you might use some other form of stabilisation.
  • Why we prefer to shoot RAW to record more detail across the tonal range.
  • The best camera settings for our night photography tour and how to make continuous adjustments as the evening light and our locations change.
  • Use of remote release or your camera’s timer
  • What other tools you may wish to incorporate in your night photography
  • Photographing in public spaces and your responsibilities as a photographer.
  • Help and encouragement from our teachers giving you confidence and satisfaction in the images you create.

Suitable for all digital cameras & phones.


£90 Duration: 2.5 hours Max 4 people

For more information, or to book a Night Photography tour, please contact us.

How to Book

Unlike our other tours which are run on a regular schedule, our Night Photography tour is operated on an on-demand basis to take account of the changing seasons, sunset times and so on. If you’d like to join us on a Night Photography tour, just get in touch with us and we’ll do our best to find a date that suits – we look forward to seeing you!

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