The City of London Cityscape and Modern Architecture tour

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The City of London Modern Architecture tour will showcase contemporary and stylish skyscrapers within the ‘Square Mile’ of the City of London. Some of our most iconic superstructures dominate the skyline as the ultimate symbols of progressive and dynamic architecture.

Architecture is a popular photographic subject. Our tour will reflect this perspective of panoramic scenery within a relatively small area, substantial photogenic content wherever you look. Significant structures with quirky names, such as The Cheese Grater, The Gherkin and The Walkie Talkie provide a platform on which you can develop your creativity.

This area of London is a mix of modern and listed historic buildings, your teacher will show you how to blend the old with the new and create stunning compositions. Experimenting with perspective is both entertaining and rewarding. Taking the time to consider different angles from which to photograph can highlight detail that is otherwise overlooked, and introduces another element of architectural appreciation to your subject.

On this Tour we will give you guidance with:

  • Lighting, it is crucial to architectural photography emphasising structure, space and atmosphere.
  • Help pick out interesting detail – modern buildings have amazing lines of symmetry and convey the character of the architecture
  • Show you how to photograph from a different perspective – look up when you are in close proximity to your subject, the images can be stunning.
  • Experiment with wide angle lenses to produce extreme perspective.
  • When to use a telephoto lens to photograph your architecture from further away and the abstract effects this creates.
  • When to use colour to highlight the most important features of a building and when to use black and white to emphasise structural lines and patterns – use of gray scale.
  • The direction of the sun and your position. How to create shadows, reflections and make contrast.
  • Photographing in public spaces and your responsibilities as a photographer.

Suitable for DSLR or Compact Camera.


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Duration: 3 hours Max 8 people

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